Alarm systems

Ajax alarm systems
When safety becomes an art

Ajax alarm systems combine the reliability of professional security devices with the ease of use of smart home systems. At the same time, the simple and intuitive operation speak for more than 450,000 users around the world.

According to the motto “Security is just a click away”, the systems can be easily installed anywhere in the office, house or apartment and operated via the app.

The user is thus immediately informed in case of intruders, smoke or water ingress.

In addition, third-party surveillance cameras, like for example Hikvision , can be easily integrated, rounding out Ajax as a unique security system.

Product systems


  • Wireless security systems
  • Easy control via the app
  • Filtering of false alarms
  • Up to seven years of battery life
  • Photo verification of alarms
  • Filtering of false motion alarms
Link zu AJAX wireless


  • Bus system
  • Remote control and configuration
  • System operation with backup battery
  • Photo confirmation of alarms in nine seconds
  • Three independent communication channels
Link zu AJAX bus


  • Large touch panel
  • Touchless light control
  • Can be controlled via app on smartphone
  • LED backlighting
  • Automation scenarios
Link zu AJAX light switch


  • Control via the app
  • Pulse and bistable modes
  • Protection against voltage drop and overheating
  • Energy consumption counter
  • Communication with the hub over a distance of up to 1,000 m and 1,100 m respectively
Link zu AJAX automation devices


  • AJAX Ready Fog Systems
  • Installation in less than five minutes
  • Possibility of wall, ceiling or surface mounting
  • Wireless connectivity to all AJAX alarm control panels
  • Non-toxic and CONTACT FOOD certified fog fluid (unique certification worldwide)
Link zu AJAX UR Fog

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