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Locking systems


Today's businesses are increasingly turning to keyless locking systems for their many benefits. Using smart cards, RFID tags or biometrics, these systems provide precise access control. Customizable access rights make administration easier, especially for flexible work schedules or temporary employees.

Access logging ensures complete traceability, which is especially important in the event of an incident. Lost or stolen access media can be quickly deactivated to prevent unauthorized access. Integration with other security systems, such as video surveillance or time and attendance, creates a comprehensive infrastructure.

In the long run, keyless locking systems are more cost effective because replacing access media is less expensive than traditional key systems. Implementation requires careful planning and training, but a well-designed system can increase security, efficiently manage access and improve operations.

Operating options:

  • Keyless Locking Systems
  • Precise access control
  • Customizable access rights
  • Log all accessesKeyless Locking Systems
  • Precise access control
  • Customizable access rights
  • Log all accesses

Locking systems Product systems


  • Smartphone control and access
  • Auto-unlock function
  • Sending of virtual keys
  • Individual access rights
  • Extra small and quiet
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