Video surveillance Private sector

Video surveillance

Private sector

The own home forms a synergy between security, well-being and privacy. This is of course sacred to everyone and should be well protected.

With the most diverse video surveillance systems, a multitude of scenarios and monitoring options are given, in order to be able to act in a customer-specific manner.

Operating options:

  • AcuSense technology
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • ColorVu
  • AcuSense Motion Detection

Video surveillance Product systems


  • Excellent images in different lighting conditions
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Minimized memory and bandwidth requirements
  • Data-driven situational awareness to drive intelligent decisions
  • Ideal for hundreds of application scenarios
Link zu HIKVISION network cameras


  • High system stability and data availability
  • Data protection through RAID
  • Improved cybersecurity
  • Dual operating systems
  • Big data applications with AI
Link zu HIKVISION network video recorder


  • High resolution camera images
  • AcuSense technology for improved object recognition
  • ColorVu for color video images around the clock
  • PT function
Link zu HIKVISION Turbo HD Cameras


  • Motion detection 2.0
  • AcuSense technology with deep learning technology
  • Fast search for people or vehicles
  • Fast installation
Link zu HIKVISION Turbo HD Video Recorder

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